The idea of an attractive backyard may sound tempting and convincing. A well managed backyard with landscaping can help kids enjoy playing, allowing the parents to relax even for a few hours. One of the best backyard amenities is the swimming pool.

A pool within the premises of the home with great landscaping is eye-catching. Just like having a fireplace in the living room, the experience is mesmerizing.

However, having a swimming pool is not for everybody. Maintenance can be a challenge for every homeowner.

For those who have a big space plus everyone in the area owns a pool, installing one can increase the home’s resale value in the end. Meanwhile, for those who have limited space and not every neighbor is in-favor of the idea of a pool, then the homeowner will not get much return on investment.

This is why many people turn to the idea of installation of an indoor water feature instead through the help of a landscaper company.

This article aims to introduce water features and discuss its potential benefits to homeowners.

Understanding Water Features

A water feature is installed in the backyard of most of the modern homes today by a landscaper company. It can be a permanent accessory in the designated area and it is suitable even for small spaces.

The examples of an indoor water feature are the fountain, water features’s wall, and pond. Although due to the advancement of science and technology, many landscaping designs have started to appear in the society nowadays.

Benefits of Small Water Features

  • Attract wildlife plus bring the balance in the ecosystem

As one installs the indoor water feature, he can be able to attract wildlife and bring balance to the ecology.

All living things need water to survive. With this, one can see the birds, butterflies and dragonflies flying around the water features wall at any time of the day. Indeed, this type of surrounding can be very refreshing to the eye.

  • Bring the sounds of nature close to the home

After working for long hours away from home, it is relaxing to hear the sound of nature in one’s favorite place. A water feature can enable the soothing sounds of nature to be as near as one wishes it to be.

The sounds of the rushing water, the chirping of the birds and swaying of the trees is music to the ears. It melts the stress away and lulls one into a deep sleep.

  • Fits even in small space

Homeowners with little space must not lose hope in their backyard designs. This is because the water feature can adapt even if the land is barren and almost impossible to fix. With the help of a landscaper company, surely, even empty lots can be transformed like magic.

  • Custom landscaping

Finally, the water feature can give hope to anyone who wishes to have a custom landscaping in their backyard at an affordable price. For example, the water features wall and rocks can be hand carved to transform it into custom landscaping design one would like to have.


In a nutshell, if the family loves to swim and can afford any expenses, then it could be the best idea to install a swimming pool. But if one is not sure about its care and repair, then the family might consider some water features wall to make the backyard welcoming. Examples of which are the stone waterfall, fountain, or pond.

Although one cannot be able to swim on it, the sound of the running water can enhance the yard and make more happy memories together with the family.