Infill Landscaping
Edmonton Infill Landscaping

Infill Landscaping

Infill landscaping is an upcoming and thriving method of landscaping in Edmonton over the past several years that involves purchasing of lots in older and mature neighbourhoods that have a home on site. After purchasing, the client tears down the home to build a new, modern one. This allows clients to enjoy the perks of a new, modern, establishment in a mature, more desirable community.

The experts at Isle Group of Companies are well versed and up to date with the codes and requirements for infill landscaping. Our team is very experienced with infill building, and we offer our expertise to our clients every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is infill landscaping?

Infill landscaping is a growing development strategy that involves purchasing of lots in older and mature neighbourhoods, these lots often have a home on site. Then tearing down the home to build new, modern ones.

How long does the infill process take?

There are a lot of factors that determine the length of infill landscaping. These factors include the size of the lot, the structure being taken down, the new building, etc. However, we have a vast array of machines and expertise that allow us to keep to the allotted time schedule.

Do I need a permit to begin infill landscaping?

Yes, you need an infill development permit to begin infill landscaping. When applying for an infill development permit you must include a proposed lot grading plan if an approved lot grading plan does not already exist.